How to Date Thai Girls Online

We like to recommend this book to guys who want to find a Thai girl from any social media network. The Dating Thai girls book is available in the Amazon shop in Kindle and Paperback format for affordable $9.99 and $29.00 accordingly.

About the book

This book is written by a Thai girl with over 5000 friends on Facebook. She is well known in the Facebook community. It is written in a funny way with samples from her real life encounters. Over the last two years Facebook taken over the Dating online and older dating sites are left for Facebook. The online social media is fast and sometimes even dangerous. There is no time to think about you going to say and you can not edit your profile anymore. If you do something wrong you have to live with that. This book will tell you How to find Thai girls on Facebook How to approach Thai girls on Facebook Real “chat” examples Real life experiences from Thai girls and Foreigners Written by a Thai Girl How to find out if the Thai girl is “fake” How to find out if the Thai girl is single Written by a Thai girl with over 5000 friends on Facebook Join us on Facebook

About the Author

Gina Sabai, a Thai by origin, is from Surin; a province near the Thailand Cambodia border. The Surin Province in Thailand has always been held in dark mystery probably because the people speak Khmer and is the home of the elephant tamers of Thailand. Due to the proximity of the border with Cambodia, Gina is fluent in Thai and Khmer the Cambodian language. She also speaks English and some of the Thai Lao dialects the people use in Esarn part of Thailand. Her parents passed away when she was very young and life in the countryside was not always that easy. Her father died in a mysterious car accident when he was on his way to buy machines for the farm. He had all the family savings with him and was found dead next to his car and the money gone. Gina’s mother had died just a few months before because cancer. With both parents gone and no money to start up the farm again, her brothers and two sisters went off to work during the daytime and Gina had to spent the time alone in the abandoned farm. Luckily for Gina, she lived close to a Wat or (Temple in English) and the monks there were helpful to teach her many things they did not teach in School. There was a former Thai boxing champion in the temple living his old days as a monk and he thought Gina Thai boxing when she finished school. Something she became pretty good at and still enjoy doing. Gina’s mother was a “nature woman” or she was known for skills in black magic as some people from Surin are. When she died her older sister inherited most of her mother’s powers but Gina also got some parts of it. Gina now lives in Pattaya, Thailand where she works as a guide, translator and private eye.

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